Monday, October 19, 2015

Introducing the Eva VoiceKit for iOS

Screenshot of the Eva VoiceKit for iOS
A few months ago we introduced the Eva VoiceKit for Android and today we are adding an iOS library with the same functionality. Use VoiceKit to voice-enable a travel application in a few of hours of simple integration.

VoiceKit for iOS is a culmination of many iPhone integrations of the Eva Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding SDK with mobile Travel applications.

Eva VoiceKit for iOS comes batteries-included and bundles everything a travel application application needs:
  • Very large vocabulary cloud-based DNN Speech Recognition
  • Deep Learning based Natural Language Understanding
  • Dialog Management - Eva automatically asks questions and converses with the end users in natural language
  • Beautiful Voice Chat User Interface Overlay with Semantic Highlighting
  • Insights and Analytics Dashboard
By lowering the barrier to entry to voice enabling Travel applications we addressed the #1 customer concern with expensive development resources.
Achieve complete voice integration in less than a single developer-day.
With the Eva VoiceKit for iOS you can add a cutting edge voice interface to an iOS travel application with super simple integration.

Take advantage of the precision of the latest Deep Learning algorithms delivering near human intelligence.

The user interface includes informative animations while conforming to the latest design guidelines and is fully customizable to match the travel application's theme.

The SDK is open source and is available for immediate downloads at

Fork us on Github!

PS - A PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) version of VoiceKit for iOS and for Android is coming soon!