Sunday, June 10, 2012

Evature at THack London

Evature is happy to participate at THack London.

This blog post includes all the required information for developers, but if you have any further questions please contact us at:

You can  find all API documentation at:

We setup specific access credentials for the event. Please use the following in all of your API queries:
For example:
You can use Eva to enable free-text or voice based user interfaces to your applications, enabling typing or saying things like "NY to Madrid on Monday" instead of the usual click-fest.
Applications can be web pages or mobile applications.
If you are building a mobile application, you can use Nuance or Google to implement Speech Recognition.  The resulting text is sent to Eva for processing.

To kick off the festivities we have written a skeleton Android travel-search application!
The application utilizes Google Speech Recognition, EVA and Text to Speech.
The souce code is available at:
Feel free to fork, modify and have fun with it. Pull requests are always welcome.

For the purpose of the THack we are enabling a currently undocumented feature that is still under development, called "Say It". The feature enables applications to re-iterate the user's request through a text-to-speech API for more natural interactions.

The "Say It" response is shown as a string under a tag by that name in the API response. For example:
Input: "hotel in chicago 11-13/Jun"
Say It: "hotel in Chicago, Illinois, arriving June 11th, 2012 for 2 nights"
Input: "fly madrid sfo next thursday"
Say It: "flights from Madrid, Spain to San Francisco International Airport, United States, departing June 14th, 2012"
You can find more information about EVA as well as some ideas of what our customers do with it, in these videos:

Good luck to all hackers. We are looking forward to seeing some truly innovative designs! 

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