Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New feature: Post feedback through the API

Following some customer requests, we added the ability to provide EVA with a feedback on its parsed results using a regular API call.

This feature offers users the ability to tell EVA that a particular API response was good, bad or partial, which in turn contributes to EVA's learning process and helps it improve faster.

The feedback is provided by adding a parameter, surprisingly called "feedback" with possible values of 0 - incorrect parse, 1 - partial parse, or 2 - good parse. Lets say you sent the text "fly to booohoooo" and think the result was not what you expected and is completely wrong - you should send an API call in the following format:

If on the other hand you think the response was good, you would send the following feedback call:

We also added the ability to provide us with comments which we can later analyze during EVA's supervised learning phase. Comments are added via a "comments" parameter:

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Happy holidays!

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