Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Geo Attributes

EVA recently learned a new Geo attribute based on end-user inputs and I thought this is a good opportunity to show off some of EVA's parsing capabilities.

3 nights in the heart of Rome
    - "The heart of" is parsed as a Geo Attribute - Center.

2-4 stars not far from the Eiffel Tower

    - "Not far from" is parsed as a Geo Attribute - Near.

couple with 3 kids, winter sun
    - "Winter Sun" is a fuzzy location (where it is warm in the winter).

Romantic weekend on an island somewhere
    - Apparently Island vacations are very popular.

Chateau with indoor pool somewhere in the mountains
    - Castles in the mountains. Sounds good!

Someplace hot for xmas
    - A warm holiday vacation.

Holiday in the sun for less than $200 per night
    - The Sunny Geo Attribute.

The number of attributes used by travelers to describe their needs is simply amazing and we are constantly amazed by the richness of the language.

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